Hello there! My name is Jay Penn.

At Dublin Comic Con 2017.

I’m a writer and illustrator from Melbourne, Australia and currently residing in Galway, Ireland.

I have created art for fanzines, RPGs, websites, comics and more. I am proficient with pen & ink, watercolour, paint and digital.

I have been passionately interested in illustration from a very young age. It has always been my desire to have a career in illustration, whatever form that may take!

I am also keenly interested in nature, books (fantasy books, amazingly…), celtic mythology and fantasy gaming (D&D and Elder Scrolls, of course!)

I am available for both commission work and projects. I offer competitive rates and a dedication to give clients the very best work I am capable of producing. If you would like to hire me, you can get in touch with me through my Contact page.

I can also often be found at a table at conventions, both comic and gaming, where I sell copies of my comic, The Circle, as well as prints and one of my better inventions, Superhero Portraits, where I draw people’s faces on to pre-made character outlines!

You can also find me at these places-
My Facebook page
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Thanks for stopping by!