Hello there! My name is Jay Penn.

I’m a writer and illustrator from Melbourne, Australia and I currently reside in Galway, Ireland.

At Dublin Comic Con 2017.

Among the many things I have worked on, I am primarily a Children’s Book writer & illustrator. I have a huge love of the Faerie and Fantasy genres within that field.

I am proficient in all types of media, both digital and traditional, and can work to tight deadlines with a high level of skill.

I am actively seeking Agent Representation and I’m most definitely open to talking with anybody interested in working with me. I hear the writer/illustrator combination is highly sought after! 😉

I have a blog (old school, I know!) where I share my work, process and ongoing journey to becoming a full-time illustrator. Check it out right here!

If you’d like, you can find me at these other places too-
My Facebook page
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Thanks for stopping by and feel free to check out out my Gallery or drop me a line!